This is me. I’ve always had a hot mess of curls on my head and even at 30, I am still learning how to love them. On the good days, it looks like this. On bad days, it’s a whole head of fro that I’m not sure where in my scandinavian heritage it came from, but at least I am passing that mystery onto the next generation! I have three wonderful wild haired and “active” children and am married to my best friend who doesn’t ever judge me even when he probably should. 

I am passionate about creativity, spreading joy, and embracing the strange things that make my weird little heart happy. 

In 2014 I started a creative outlet named “Spotted Pepper Designs” during a particularly hard time in my life as I struggled with infertility and repeated miscarriages. Creativity was my life boat and I learned how to be compassionate towards myself and others during those years. 

Spotted Pepper Designs was wildly successful as I entered  fabric design contests and routinely placed in the top 25 out of hundreds of entries, had designs hand picked for shoes and baby carriers, hopped on a blog tour with one of my favorite designers, and created logos and brands for many beautiful and accomplished entrepreneurs.

Eventually Spotted Pepper felt like the end of a really good book and it was time to embrace a new me. The old me. The quirky me. The unapologetic me. The designer me. The maker-mom me. The baker me. The artist me. The photographer me. The calligraphist me. The twerk-it-out-in-the-kitchen-while-waiting-for-the-cookies me. 

So, Hey There Louise! 

Literally the only photographic evidence of my afro, thanks to Apples Photobooth and it’s rad filters circa 2007. You could call it an iFro.

I’ve always been me, but now I am letting everyone know me too. Unfiltered and ready to let my freak flag fly high so y’all can find me and we can BFF and face mask while watching “The Bachelor” in our matching sweats together. (You don’t even have to like “The Bachelor”. If I am being honest, I don’t, but its the best girls night activity. 

And now, because we’re face masking besties, want to know a secret that I really love about me? I love working and reworking a design, recipe, project, idea, or drawing until I am pinterest worthy proud of it. I love the challenge and the accomplishment that comes with it. 

I am constantly inspired by good puns and silly things that life the heart. I love a good floral print and ugly colors in a bright beautiful pallet. I am outside the box type of thinker and am always trying to make things more beautiful and unique as the person loving on it. I love to make #allthethings, though I’ve never mastered making  jello and once I made this really terrible coconut and lime chicken that even the dog wouldn’t touch. But no one can be perfect anyway ;).

Xoxo, Rachel