Have Yourself a Yaky Little Christmas….

You wanna hear something super embarrassing? Ok, maybe not super, but maybe just a little embarrassing. I didn’t really know what alpine chalets were all about. I knew it was something wintery and cabiny. I had to pinterest search “Alpine Chalet” to figure out my direction for this weeks Spoonflower Challenge. I wasn’t hopeful to hit the Tuesday deadline as I started this quest late Monday afternoon, but hey, a girls gotta try sometimes!

But y’all…Holy EYE CANDY. After approximately 11.4 seconds of looking over my pinterest feed I told my husband I have picked out our future home and he didn’t have a choice. As my eyes went into a sugar coma of delicious wooden details, I saw this gorgeous mounted yak head over a hearth and lots of wood gain and I thought BE STILL MY HEART. It was 100% where I wanted to be. ‘Hello, Yak. Let’s learn more about you…’ I whispered as I started a new search for yaks. Everything that is wonderful was pyakblogresented to me, included all these yaks totally decked out in bright colored wool like we were soul mates.

And I was sold.

Mountains, woods, yaks, forests. That’s what we’re all about here. Ok, I wasn’t about yaks until that moment, but now I totally am. I’m yakky to say I am in love with my new favorite animal. (Did you see what I did there? Yakky…happy…yeah? wink wink?)

It took me a while to feel like I did the yaks justice. I had to get a lot of guidance from friends and other inspired designers, but the yaks are here to stay.

To celebrate one of my newest favorite designs, I wanted to give y’all a little present from me to you! I’ve created not only matching gift tags for your Alpine  Yaks, but also coloring pages! Download. Enjoy. Share your yak projects on instagram #SpottedYak and let’s all adore the wonderful things you can do with a little love from the alps. Don’t forget to order the matching fabric. It’s starting to get wildly popular.

Gift Tags

3 Coloring Pages

Print on home printer on standard or card stock paper. For gift tags, cut along lines and punch hole in top center. Colors may differ than what you see on the screen.

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