Classic+Rustic= Clarustic. It’s a thing.

You know what I have always been crazy about?


You know what I have never been crazy about?


My tendonitis has been THE. BIGGEST. PAIN. anytime I want to do anything pretty. I spent a semester in college learning calligraphy and lettering. I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I was pretty good. And you know what happened just before finals? Tendon-freaking-itis. I pretty much had to not use my hand unless it was to work on my final project, and it was in short spurts of a word or two and lots and lots of pain killers. It killed any dreams I had of being a talented calligraphist.FlowerQuote

I still love the way words LOOK though, and Illustrator has really helped me manage the tendonitis pain easier. (Although it still comes, and I have lost valuable design time taking much needed time off the last few weeks. I can finally feed myself with out having a take a break from holding the fork! Yeahh buddy! It’s the little things.)

I was so happy when I found a site here, that helps you design your own font. I’m still working out all the little bits of trying to make cursive, but I love the first font I made! It wont be as impressive after you go and make your own font, but I still love it.

I call it Clarustic. It’s a classic serif font, with a hand drawn flare to bring the rustic in. I designed it to use for a friends wedding invites. Her finance wanted a very classic wedding style, while she is all about cowboy boots and antlers. So, to represent their couple style, they now have their own font! I know I am the coolest friend ever, and am now taking applications. 😉


xoxo, Rachel


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